Win building – How do you construct a win or build a winning strategy?

Achieving Dreams, hitting goals, being the best.

Speaking to people who have achieved something amazing and getting their insights and opinions on the whole process

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Brett Sizeland – an original Strong Dad

Brett shares his life journey and experiences and discusses his background, starting as a personal trainer and opening his own gyms, dealing with twin babies with health issues, and...

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4B2 Episode 1 John Peck

This is a podcast aiming to provide positive messaging and inspiration for men, including guidance for the host's two young daughters. The guest, John Peck, discusses challenges faced in...

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#34 Eduardo ‘Teta’ Rios – Ju Jitsu

Eduardo was trained under Ricardo Liborio, a legend in the BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) world. He now lives in Oslo and is helping to run Frontline Academy, which is...

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Veridian Ventures – Dan Schonfeld and Marwan El-Hakim

I met Dan and Marwan in business school way back in 2006!They have since founded Veridian Ventures to help angel investors to make smart decisions on early-stage companies. In...

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#32 Lisa Long – Serial entrepreneur and executive manager – Win Building Podcast

Hot off the back of winning a place in the “Top 50 women in Tech in Norway” I interviewed Lisa about her path, her insights into the startup world...

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Mark Lewis – Above Average – Fitness Youtuber – Win Building Podcast

Fitness, motivation, jokes and a dog.. that's his strapline but Mark is in the process of amassing a diverse and engaged following. He posts videos about his fitness journey...

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