What is the best YOU can achieve?

Having lived and worked in 10 countries around the world, studied an MBA in one of the world’s best (if not THE best) business schools (Insead) and having had the good fortune to meet thousands of amazing people whilst doing all of this, I feel I am well placed to offer perspectives, insights and considerations, that (hopefully!) are unique and helpful.

I began training as an Executive Coach in 2006 with Performance Consultants International in London. I achieved the Level 3 course completion.

Since then I have coached mainly in my role as manager but have also had multiple individual clients that I coached outside of my main job.

I have also coached in the sports world, utilizing the same skills and methodologies to help my teams achieve their best.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their highest potential.

If you are interested in exploring coaching, training or mentoring opportunities with me, please get in touch.