#20 – Matts Stenback – Senior Vice President at EF Education First, a good friend and an yet another awesome human!

A conversation with a friend and another former manager and colleague. Matt’s honest and insightful post on Linkedin (see here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6778080201160048640-60_c) prompted me to reach out and ask for a chat.
We discuss how, as a manager and leader, he has navigated the challenging times of COVID whilst working for an international education company (with nobody travelling!) along with some thoughts on personal success and opportunity.

You can find the video version here: https://youtu.be/uDsqSRv89YE

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Show notes:
00:53 Matt’s introduces himself

05:55 Matt’s talks about the challenges of Covid times on the Tours industry

11:21 Matt’s explains catching Covid and we discuss a little on opportunities that have arisen from it

15:00 Matt’s talks about his competitive past and how he takes that into his professional life

19:30 Nick talks around teamwork dynamics with building a win

20:55 Matt’s talks about the importance of playing a role in a team

21:50 Nick talking around skills and talents to execute wins

23:15 Nick talks about Tour Directors in Tours and asks Matt’s how to keep them empowered and bringing them together as a team

24:37 Matt’s talks Tour Directors

30:00 Matt’s talks about how honesty is so important in communicating through crises

30:50 We begin to talk “Trust” and the philosophy of “a beautiful customer experience every time”

38:30 Nick talks about working in the service industry and striving towards positive outcomes and working with purpose

40:45 Matt’s shares thoughts around achieving goals and winning

44:40 Nick shares his main reason for doing the podcast series

46:00 Matt’s shares advice to you ever people starting out

51:00 Matt’s says goodbye and leaves with a reflection

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