#15 – The artist in the Board Room – Mafalda Tenente – Board member, strategic advisor and award winning artist

When she is not helping boards and global companies drive their innovation and strategic agendas to craft more beautiful experiences for their users, Mafalda paints the world in Japanese ink (sumi) and creates her own objects of beauty.

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode of the podcast:
1. Knowing your vision, and the core value leading Mafalda's personal journey – creativity
2. Learning as a lifelong habit, and how winning that “big goal” once boosts your confidence
for attempting to win, time and again
3. Evolving priorities at company board level, and some of the challenges ahead
4. How the principles of Japanese ink painting practice are relevant in a business context, and
as a board member
5. Mafalda's lifelong connection to art, and how it led her to Japan

You can find out more and buy Mafalda's art here: https://mafaldatenente.com/

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