#21 – KC Wai – “Be yourself.. but be structured!” – The only man I ever kissed. Kind, intelligent, positive and unique.. A great friend to many

KC is another great friend of mine who I worked with in EF and he shares about his life and development over time.

You can find KC here on linkedin and share some positivity!: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kc-wai-79535618a/

You can find the video version of the podcast here: https://youtu.be/endLBirCzBE

Show notes:
00:00 – Nick intros show
01:42 – Nick Intros KC
03:42 – KC intros himself
08:30 – KC talks identity
14:20 KC talks diversity and inclusion
19:00 – Nick and KC talk Lego minifigures and different personality traits
21:27 – KC talks about changing first impressions or perceptions over time as you become more senior
28:10 – “Since leaving EF have you noticed changes in the way that you were once perceived?”
31:45 – KC talks about authenticity as a professional
35:45 – KC talks about people who are pushing too hard to be perfect and how important it is not to set yourself too high bars
39:00 KC talks about Asian education and the pressure to be the top and whether he sees changes
43:35 – Nick talks about the value of understanding competitiveness that comes alongside the extremely competitive style of education
45:00 – Reflection on the negatives towards the same style of education
47:30 – KC talks about his life with EF, leaving and structuring his job hunt
59:14 – KC Shares his advice and final positive words

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